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Brownwood Evangelism Center seeks to equip a growing church to be effective & compassionate minister of the grace of God. We aspire to build the kingdom of God not only in Brown County, but in all the world.



As Christians, we strive to bring the savior to the lost of humanity, bring the healer to the hurting, bring the light to the darkness and bring the comforter to the lonely and destitute. We strive to be the physical hands of Christ to our general and introduce other to the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit.


Brownwood Evangelism Center is a part of the United Pentecostal Church International and follow the beliefs of the Apostolic doctrine described in the book of Acts. We believe that our God is one Lord and His name is Jesus Christ, who was sent to earth to save us.


Brownwood Evangelism believes in worshiping God through many forms such as song, music, lifting of hands, etc. the Bible instructs to worship in spirit and in truth, with our whole hearts, our minds and our bodies through outward expressions of worship.


The Word of God instructs us to “give and it shall be given”. We believe that God’s provision is increased when we trust God. Stewardship is about trust and by choosing to financially support the Kingdom of God you are saying, “I trust You, Lord”! God will pour out abundant blessings upon those who are willing to be a conduit for His provisions.
We now have the option to give tithes and offering online. If you would like to submit your donations online, please click the button below:

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Church Location: 2515 Ave. D Brownwood, Tx 76801 (map)

Telephone: (325) 643-3500 | Fax: (325) 641-1357